Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday was the free neighborhood barbecue in the vacant lot on 15th. Ally and headed over there around 2:30 and there were already a handful of people there. The pig was being carved and smelling delicious. Sandy was down at the greeting station giving people nametags and asking them to sign a waiver before entering the lot. After making ourselves plates of food, Ally and I went over to the nest to look for Kenny again, but he was not around. We then walked around the neighborhood and mentioned to a few people that there was a free barbecue around the corner, but most people looked at us like we were really strange. We also went by Earl's barbershop and the one further down the street but they were both closed. So we were unable to recruit anyone, but by the time we got back to the lot there was already a much bigger crowd. It was fun seeing the lot in this new view, as more representative of a community space. It was a good turn out!

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