Sunday, May 4, 2008

you never know what you might find

Saturday morning Jodi and I met up to try again in our exploration of the residential aspects of the neighborhood. And it proved much easier for us to make contacts on the weekend.
After speaking with Lance about the giant lego on his porch, we headed over to 19th street to look for more. We noticed some interesting things in the window of a house and above the porch a sign that says "Studio Maquette." We knocked on the door and met Happy and Maquette who bought the house about a year ago. They have a little gallery in the front room that opens up on last thursday's and they also put on vaudeville shows around town (for more info go to We were told that the signs in the window are there for Happy because that is his name. And the other sign which I first read as Art the me? is actually Art Theme?. Happy and Maquette were very friendly and mentioned some other shows and performances of interest which I have included here. They also are the owners of the double-decker bus we see driving around and let us go inside. The location of their home offers much diversity as next door is a boarding house and across the street some funky new lofts.
Maquette and Happy told us that they have put on free shows for the neighborhood to help bring people together. They seemed very motivated and successful in community building.

the art car

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