Saturday, May 17, 2008

what does this neighborhood need?

"all kinds of stuff"

when jodi and i went out to explore the locals feelings of what the neighborhood needs we found an array of responses, some of which overlapped with our classmates. we first approached a man in a suit and a couples of officers (with a bit of hesitation and nerves) who were investigating a 10-year old homicide case. the 2 officers were part of the gang team and suggested that they did a lot of work in this neighborhood. we then asked a few guys in chefs coats smoking on a break what they were up to. they worked for a catering company and were talking to a guy cleaning up some graffiti off the door. a variety of responses of what they thought included,
a parking garage
food carts
less graffiti
less thefts

another woman we met up with at a coffee shop mentioned some things many others reported back... more utilitarian things, a hardware store. she also said it could use more trees and less "stupid boutiques"

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